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What have you done for your planet today?
* - galaxy
"To begin, begin." - William Wordsworth.


It's a start.

For a change.

Second Russian post this week...

...how's that new active moderation working out for us? :)

New maintainer
 I am going to now actively maintain the community. It seems that we have a couple of Russians posting quite a bit without much discussion going on so Im going to monitor that situation and see what needs to be done. I am assuming most on here do not read or speak Russian so It would be nice if it went back to English. 

Introducing DISCLOSE 2012: Holding Big-Money Accountable

We are proud to announce the launch of DISCLOSE 2012:

The campaign to hold big-money special interests accountable.

The Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision unleashed unlimited, anonymous corporate spending on campaigns nationwide. The California DISCLOSE Act shines a light on the major funders of all political advertisements. It requires the top funders to clearly identify themselves as supporters of the campaign's message.

Do you want to know who is really behind those commercials during election season?


Read about how DISCLOSE 2012 will change political ads...Collapse )

Baracula 2010

President Obama gives himself B+. What would you grade him?
President Obama gives himself B+ on Oprah Interview. What grade would you give him?
I think a B+ is pretty good, though I would like to see more on the LGBT and Healthcare front

President talking about the grade he would give himself

Sunday Healthcare debate: Dean vs Huckabee
I love Howard Dean but sometimes I feel he says things that only goes to feed Fox News.
Where do you stand on the Healthcare debate? As a small business owner I agree with Dean that the healthcare bill would allow my employees to have health insurance. Love to hear some thoughts on this.

Dean And Huckabee On Health care

Secretary Clinton Presents Obama's Diplomatic Blueprint
The U.S.-led Diplomatic Campaign coincides with USIPs 25th anniversary.

Secretary Clinton and Nonproliferation


I just signed a petition to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to stop protecting corporate Democrats who are willing to filibuster a public health insurance option.

Can you please add your name?

Click here to sign: http://action.firedoglake.com/harryreid

Iowa legalizes gay marriage
gaga} colorsmear
Unanimous ruling: Iowa marriage no longer between one man, one woman

"The Iowa Supreme Court this morning upheld a Polk County judge’s 2007 ruling that marriage should not be limited to one man and one woman.

The ruling, viewed nationally and at home as a victory for the gay rights movement and a setback for social conservatives, means Iowa’s 5,800 gay couples can legally marry in Iowa beginning April 24.

There are no residency rules for marriage in Iowa, so the rule would apply to any couple who wanted to travel to Iowa."

Full-text of the article.Collapse )

This hasn't been posted here yet, and speaking as an Iowan resident, I thought I'd do the honors.