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New maintainer
ravensbliss wrote in democrats
 I am going to now actively maintain the community. It seems that we have a couple of Russians posting quite a bit without much discussion going on so Im going to monitor that situation and see what needs to be done. I am assuming most on here do not read or speak Russian so It would be nice if it went back to English. 

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You can set the community to have a moderation queue, wherein you approve what goes through. You can also generate a list of people who are auto-approved to post, and you can reject posts as well.

If it was Russians posting on the status of the Democrat party, that's one thing, but it looks like one person has made this his personal soapbox on Russia--not quite the community focus.

Yeah. I'm not a fan of moderated communities. The posts aren't vile or spam or really off topic. Id like them to stop and removing him from the community just seems easier.
But thanks for the advice. :)

I'd like to get back to the focus of the community and get some discussions going again. It's been a bit since this community was very active.

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